At Lavou Lounge, our main aspiration is to continue the tradition of being a venue striving for quality, diversity and the need to satisfy our customers. Our staffs take great pride in providing excellent customer service which comes with honesty, and integrity without interruption or delay. Whether you are in the mood for Hip hop and R&B,  Afrobeat or dance-hall on a low-key date night or big party with friends, we have you covered.

The quality of our lives can only be measured by the quality of our product and service. As a result, we’ve been rewarded by your support and really can’t say ‘THANK YOU’ enough. Building on our foundation of friends and family, adding new ones along the way, has made all the hard work worthwhile. We are open to you five days a week and in your own time. Just be prepared to grab a drink and pick up where we left off. Until then, Sláinte!